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  • Title: Vision - EICT
    Descriptive info: .. Skip navigation.. About.. Mission.. |.. Thematic Areas.. Collaborative Innovation.. Organisation.. Job Offers.. Media.. Projects.. Automotive Mobility.. Information Communication Technologies.. Energy Environment.. Services.. Project Management.. Communication.. Collaborative Software.. IT Infrastructure.. Future Studies.. Business Development.. Contact.. Partners.. DRIVE C2X.. DRIVE C2X creates a reference for cooperative driving in Europe.. DRIVE C2X brings together seven national test sites.. It creates a harmonised testing environment based on the newly developed DRIVE C2X reference system.. OFELIA.. O.. pen.. F.. low in.. E.. urope: Linking Infrastructure and Applications.. The project creates a unique experimental facility that allows researchers to not only experiment “on” a test network but to control and extend the network itself precisely and dynamically.. interactIVe.. Accident avoidance by active intervention for Intelligent Vehicles.. interactIVe targets active safety systems as integrated and affordable solutions for all vehicle classes.. Future Study.. The Future Study by Münchner Kreis is a long term-study focusing on future developments in ICT and media and their areas of application, benefits and problems.. The study combines expertise from a network of partners from science, business and politics in a common discourse.. SmartSenior.. Intelligent services for senior citizens.. SmartSenior develops and tests integrated ICT-based services to maintain senior citizens’ standard of living: live independently at home.. Be safe on the go.. Get well and stay healthy.. TEAM.. Tomorrow’s Elastic, Adaptive Mobility.. TEAM turns static into elastic mobility by joining drivers, travellers and infrastructure operators in to a collaborative network.. Collaboration is the key concept, which extends the cooperative concept of vehicle-2-x systems with interaction and participation.. Our Mission.. Research and innovation demand excellent ideas, efficient networks and open structures.. Collaborative innovation is the best way to stay ahead  ...   EICT, was elected for member of the Research Committee at MÜNCHNER KREIS.. 15.. 11.. TEAM project kickoff.. On November 15-16, 2012, the TEAM project had its kick-off meeting in Berlin.. In various workshops and presentation rounds.. 24.. 09.. DRIVE C2X short film.. The new short film offers an entertaining insight into the advantages of cooperative driving with DRIVEC2X technology.. 06.. Project eCo-FEV started.. The research project eCo-FEV started with a kick-off meeting in Berlin hosted by DAI-Labor and EICT GmbH.. 26.. 07.. OFELIA 2nd Open Call.. The EU-funded project OFELIA announced the success of its second Open Call.. Events.. 2013.. | Final Event for European Research Project interactIVe.. The consortium of the European research project interactIVe cordially invites to the projects final event that will be held on November 20th and 21st, 2013, in Aachen.. 06.. | simTD Final Event.. After a thorough research and devlopment work, the research project "Safe and Intelligent Mobility - Test Field Germany (simTD)" invits you to its final event on Thursday, June 20th, 2013, on the fair and exhibition grounds in Frankfurt/Main.. 13.. | DRIVE C2X Test Site Event in Gothenburg, Sweden.. DRIVE C2X invites you to its last major demo event on June 13-14, 2013, at the Test Site Sweden (TSS), in Gothenburg.. 12.. 04.. | Presentation of MÜNCHNER KREIS future study, volume V.. On April 12, 2012 the MÜNCHNER KREIS future study volume V titled "Growth areas in a digital world.. Needs of tomorrow and beyond" will be presented in Berlin.. 31.. 10.. | Future Workshop.. Expert workshop on ICT, end customers and future B2B value chains.. Both digitalisation and globalisation of competition.. Editorial information.. | © 2013 EICT GmbH..

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  • Title: Thematic Areas - EICT
    Descriptive info: vehicle-to-x communication, advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving, multi-modal mobility.. broadband and wireless access technologies, software-defined networks, test beds.. eMobility, smart grids, green ICT.. Three Core Areas.. V2X, ADAS, autonomous driving and multi-modal mobility.. Cooperation’s with leading institutional players and expertise in the Automotive and Mobility sector makes EICT a highly qualified knowledge partner for projects in this area.. The main emphasis is to enable cooperative technologies, vehicle-to-x communication, advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving to multi-modal mobility.. eMobility, smart grids and green ICT.. As a fast growing sector, Energy Environment plays an siginificant role for the industry as well as for  ...   already involved in this increasing field.. The main target of EICT and our partners is to develop new operations and enabling expertise in the fields of eMobility, smart grids and green ICT.. ICT.. Broadband and wireless access, software-defined nets, test beds.. Since its foundation, the EICT took on international projects in the area of information and communication technologies.. These projects are dealing with the complex and fast-changing world of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in everyday life.. The focus lies on increasing quality of life and security by improving human interaction and about increasing productivity by efficiently using ICT in the application sectors..

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  • Title: Collaborative Innovation - EICT
    Descriptive info: Identifying Themes.. Exploring Business Fields.. Building Consortia.. Initiating Projects.. Executing Projects.. Transferring Results.. Managing the entire cycle.. Throughout the entire innovation cycle, EICT teams strengthen the collaboration of project participants by accompanying their steps, such as business exploration, consortia building and contributing to the European research agenda.. With backgrounds in computer science,  ...   understanding of the research community and its specific needs, of application requirements, and how to coordinate large research consortia.. The aim is to ease the burden of project participants, such as project coordinators, managers, developers and scientists.. The team‘s attentive and clear comprehension reduces complexity, bridges gaps and offers easy-to-use solutions.. Methodological Approach..

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  • Title: Organisation - EICT
    Descriptive info: Supervisory Board.. Prof.. Dr.. Ralf Guido Herrtwich.. Director Driver Assistance and.. Chassis Systems, Daimler AG.. -Ing.. Thomas Schwerdtfeger.. Executive Board.. PTV Group.. Jörg Steinbach.. President of the.. Technische Universität Berlin.. h.. c.. Radu Popescu-Zeletin.. Director of the Fraunhofer Institute.. for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS).. Team.. General Management.. Tanja Kessel.. Managing Director.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-101.. Ulrike Maier.. Financial Manager.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-102.. Daniel Ott.. Head of Innovation Management.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-121.. Carola Klessen.. Head of Project Management.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-131.. Administration.. Bianca Weiß.. Executive Assistant Accountant.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-000.. Alexandra Henkel.. Assistant Board Coordination.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-103.. Heiko Reich..  ...   3670 235-134.. Henrike Inhülsen.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-132.. Thorsten Mahler.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-135.. Sarah Metzner.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-143.. Isabell Rauscher.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-137.. Hristiyan Stoyanov.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-133.. Anja Winzer.. Communications Manager.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-144.. Innovation Management.. Elisabeth Linek.. Innovation Manager.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-122.. Anja Mante.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-123.. Maximilian Schlesinger.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-124.. Daniel Fritzsche.. Network Architect.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-113.. Tobias Jungel.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-115.. Andreas Köpsel.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-117.. Tom Rothe.. Software Architect.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-114.. Hagen Woesner.. Phone +49 30 3670 235-116..

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  • Title: Job Offers - EICT
    Descriptive info: European Center for Information and Communication Technologies (EICT) GmbH.. EUREF-Campus Haus 13.. Torgauer Straße 12-15.. 10829 Berlin.. Germany.. Phone: +49 30 3670 235-000.. Fax: +49 30 3670 235-201.. E-Mail:.. Internet:.. www.. eict.. de.. Group Leader IT.. EICT is welcoming applications for the position of a group leader in the area of IT/Infrastructure.. Please see  ...   "Collaborative Software Applications" team is looking for new memebers.. Student Assistants.. We are looking for motivated students to support our team with approximately 15-20 working hours a week.. Student Assistant for Project Management.. Student Assistant for Systems Administration.. Student Assistant for Communication.. Student Assistant for Writing journalistic Articles in English.. Student Assistant for Controlling..

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  • Title: Media - EICT
    Descriptive info: Downloads, News Events.. 02.. 02.. BISDN: EICT spin-off founded.. Hard- and software development for Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and related consulting services.. 25.. | European Workshop on Software Defined Networks.. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is emerging as a promising architectural solution to support and foster innovation.. 22.. | Cooperative mobility joint demo at ITS World Congress.. October 22nd - 26th 2012, the 19th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) took  ...   19th the final expert conference for the SmartSenior project took place in Adlershof, Berlin.. Downloads.. EICT info material.. EICT Brochure.. Zukunftsstudie 2013.. Innovationsfelder der digitalen Welt.. Bedürfnisse von übermorgen.. Zukunftsstudie 2012.. Summary of the Future Workshop.. Zukunftsstudie 201.. 1.. Executive Summary.. Pictures of the Future in a Digital World.. Zukunftsbilder der digitalen Welt.. Zukunftsstudie 2010.. Prospects and Opportunities ICT.. Zukunft und Zukunftsfaehigkeit der IKT.. Offen für die Zukunft - Offen in die Zukunft..

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  • Title: Projects - EICT
    Descriptive info: euroFOT.. Bringing intelligent vehicles to the road.. euroFOT has brought together a comprehensive array of organisations to test intelligent vehicle systems across Europe.. eCo-FEV.. Efficient Cooperative infrastructure for Fully Electric Vehicles.. The eCo-FEV project aims at achieving a breakthrough for FEVs in road transport.. The project proposes a general architecture for the integration of FEVs into cooperative infrastructure systems and new solutions for charging.. DESI.. DESI aims to optimize overall energy consumption in IT infrastructure by considering the requirements of Smart Power Grids and traffic dependent network transport capacity.. EICT initiates and supports projects especially in the fields of Automotive Mobility, Energy Environment and ICT which bring together industry, academia and research institutes.. Many of these projects are embedded in programmes of the European Commission and national funding schemes.. New Projects.. The eCo-FEV project aims to achieve a breakthrough by introducing  ...   business modeling tasks.. Automotive Mobility, Energy Environment.. EICT supports Fraunhofer FOKUS in coordinating the TEAM project.. EICT also leads all dissemination, standardisation and exploitation activities.. Future developments of ICT and media.. EICT is part of the project team and responsible for methodology, writing and editing as well as coordination and organisation of events, conferences and workshops.. In relation to the company's expertise in the field of Automotive Mobility, EICT is accountable for evaluation and analysis of this part of the Future Study.. Automotive Mobility, Information Communication Technologies.. ALIEN.. Abstraction Layer in programmable Networks.. ALIEN will deliver an innovative network abstraction mechanism targeting the control and management convergence and interoperability of heterogeneous network elements building strong foundations for Software Defined Networks.. EICT leads activities in work package 2 of ALIEN covering requirements analysis, design, and implementation of a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)..

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  • Title: Automotive & Mobility - EICT
    Descriptive info: simTD.. Safe and Intelligent Mobility - Test Field Germany.. The simTD project investigates the possible contribution of intelligent communication systems to improving traffic safety and mobility.. It is by means of one of the world’s largest field operational tests in Germany.. EIT ICT Labs.. Business Modelling Catalyst.. The Catalyst aims to enhance  ...   and ventures into innovation.. European Business Development Program.. The EIT and the BD Program are bodies of the European Union and have the mission to increase Europe’s sustainable growth and competitiveness by reinforcing the innovation capacity of the EU.. European Field Operational Tests.. Safe and efficient driving.. Business Modelling.. Business Development Programm..

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  • Title: Information & Communication Technologies - EICT
    Descriptive info: To stay ahead of future changes, EICT creates knowledge about trends and new technologies.. EWSDN.. The workshop brought together industry and academia on the topics of SDN.. In particular the workshop featured an "industry forum" with presentations of key industrial players.. SPARC.. The European funded SPARC FP7 project studies carrier grade extensions to split architectures.. SPARC openens carrier networks  ...   taken on international projects in the area of information and communication technologies.. The focus lies within the increasing quality of life and security by improving human interaction and increasing productivity by efficiently using ICT in the application sectors.. European Workshop on Software Defined Networks.. OpenFlow in Europe: Linking Infrastructure and Applications.. Split Architecture Carrier Grade Networks.. Cross-sectoral studies.. Health..

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  • Title: Energy & Environment - EICT
    Descriptive info: As one of the fastest growing sectors, Energy Environment plays a significant role in the industry as well as for the research and development sectors.. With projects subsidised by the European Commission and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the EICT is already involved in this growing sector.. The main target of EICT and our partners is to develop new operations and to enable expertise in the fields of eMobility, Smart grids and Green ICT.. Continuously sensitive ICT Production.. Smart Energy Systems..

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  • Title: Services - EICT
    Descriptive info: EICT is an experienced partner in operational management within large international research consortia.. To achieve a high visibility, EICT addresses the relevant stakeholders, designs the communication strategy and communication means.. Development of specific software applications to support collaborative innovation.. EICT provides a secure infrastructure for joint research and is a platform for test bed operations.. Business Development Business Modeling.. To bring innovations successfully into the market, EICT supports transfer activities and business development.. Managing research projects as a whole.. EICT offers all expertise from one source  ...   strategic knowledge and transfer know-how.. Because of its neutral position, EICT promotes and facilitates innovation as well as research and development by connecting its partners from their diverse fields of activities.. Thereby it aims at the foundation of a stable basis which the project partners can work on - the organizational surrounding is prepared and taken care by EICT, so the project partners can simply focus on their projects.. EICT’s portfolio contains six service categories.. Collaborative Software Application.. Future Studies Techno-Economic Analysis.. Business Development Business Modelling..

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