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  • Title: CRELUX
    Descriptive info: .. Protein Production.. Biophysical Screening.. Protein Crystallography.. Drug Discovery Services.. CRELUX.. CRELUX is a leading expert worldwide in premium drug discovery solutions for global pharma, biotech and research organizations.. Our work is highly individualized for our customers – we have been delivering customized solutions in drug discovery, X-ray crystallography, screening and protein supply for more than a decade.. Whether you work in pharma, biotech, diagnostics or in a research institute, we can provide you with exactly what you need – on time, within  ...   better, faster, more efficiently and more successfully.. We recognize that no two clients are alike.. You need individualized answers for your specific challenges.. That’s why we invite you to contact us directly so that we can fully understand your needs and develop a tailored solution for you.. creation time:.. name:.. magnification:.. 26.. 10.. 11.. Dyrk1a.. 1,58x.. Company Profile.. Business Model.. Leadership.. Start your Project.. References.. Network Partners.. Career.. Direct Contacts.. Contact Form.. Directions.. HOME.. COMPANY.. WORKING WITH US.. DOWNLOADS.. NEWS.. CONTACT.. Glossary.. Imprint..

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  • Title: Protein Production - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: Crystal Grade.. Assay Grade.. Diagnostics.. Tool Proteins.. You need large quantities of affordable, high-quality protein? You’re looking for ultra-pure recombinant proteins for use in assays or diagnostics? You want to save time in protein production?.. In our PRIME PROTEIN program, we are advancing innovations in protein expression to generate stringently controlled premium proteins – for use in assays, screening, diagnostics or crystallization.. Our many years of protein expertise enable us to provide you with difficult to express or difficult to purify proteins including, for example, membrane proteins, secreted proteins, metabolic enzymes, proteases, heat shock proteins, epigenetic proteins, phosphatases and kinases.. With our proprietary bi-turbo vector system, we express target proteins in parallel in E..  ...   enhance yield and homogeneity of recombinant proteins.. Our highly parallelized expression systems are thus optimized to significantly increase protein recovery while concomitantly reducing time and costs.. CRELUX PRIME PROTEIN delivers customized recombinant proteins exactly as you need them: ultra-pure, with stringent quality control for reliable downstream use and with an excellent price-performance ratio.. With CRELUX, you benefit from the experience of a team that has successfully worked on more than 500 different proteins and protein complexes from a wide variety of target classes.. Contact us for a detailed PRIME PROTEIN proposal that meets your specific needs.. For questions concerning our protein supply contact.. Dr.. Ismail Moarefi.. +49 89 700760110.. science@crelux.. com.. 25.. DJ-1.. 8,7x..

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  • Title: Biophysical Screening - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: Thermal Melt.. Enzyme Activity.. Alpha Screen.. NMR Screening.. Microscale Thermophoresis.. Whether you are looking for tailored biophysical analytics of your protein or you require an innovative compound/fragment screening platform – INTRACT provides all the services you need.. It includes measurements of enzymatic activities, binding kinetics, KD analyses and stability determination of proteins and biomolecular interaction partners using microscale thermophoresis (MST), alpha screen, thermal melt and several functional and enzymatic activity assays.. You can order our INTRACT services for fast and reliable control of protein quality or for measuring biomolecular interactions in solution.. INTRACT is not restricted to  ...   available within our SEEDS fragment screening programs and can be added to any XPRESS or XPERT crystallography project to analyze the interaction of your fragments with the respective target proteins in more detail.. Hence, INTRACT is perfectly suited to cross-validate and prioritize your compounds for co-crystallization.. Our robotics-enhanced screening platform provides efficient, cutting-edge technologies for protein biophysical services and for the analysis and validation of compounds.. Thus, INTRACT enables highly accurate and sensitive measurements under close-to-native conditions to reliably guide the optimization of your compounds.. For further information about our biophysical screening techniques contact.. 07.. 12.. CTSK.. 11,5x..

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  • Title: Protein Crystallography - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: XPRESS.. XPERT.. At CRELUX, you will benefit from the combined experience of a team that has successfully solved structures of more than 200 different target proteins from all target classes.. The quality and reliability of our services is evidenced by our extremely high number of repeat clients.. We guarantee low fixed costs and predominantly success-based payment schedules – as well as professional communication and handling of your confidential data.. Protein crystallography represents a core competence of CRELUX.. Our X-ray crystallography platforms include high-quality solutions for your de novo and challenging projects (XPERT) as well as fast and in-time co-crystal structures of established relevant human disease targets (XPRESS).. If you are looking for quick and cost-effective access to co-crystal structures, our XPRESS portfolio of readily available crystallographic targets is your solution of choice as it grants turn-around times of just a few weeks.. For  ...   strategy that allows selection of the perfect expression system for your target, yielding pure and homogenous protein that is ideally suited for crystallization.. Protein surface optimization is routinely applied to enable crystallization of high-quality complex crystals that provide you with the best possible data to guide your work.. All steps –from purified protein to diffracting crystals – are fully automated for fast, reproducible high-throughput screening, providing optimization of crystallization while concomitantly reducing the required amount of protein.. High-resolution data from diffracting crystals can either be collected in-house or obtained through our routine access to various synchrotron radiation facilities.. Structures are solved using SAD/MAD or molecular replacement techniques and are refined to high resolution with various computational methods.. For fast and safe access, structural data can be downloaded from our secure server.. For questions regarding our Protein Crystallography services ask.. 27.. 04.. 09.. Lipase.. 0,9x..

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  • Title: Drug Discovery Services - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: FBDD SEEDS.. idea to candidate i2c.. CRELUX is an experienced, reliable and established service provider of drug discovery solutions.. To balance speed, risk and cost of your drug discovery project, CRELUX provides a number of customized expert hit-finding and compound-optimization services.. In these programs, you can choose between a variety of tailor-made combinations of our screening, crystallography and chemistry platforms.. In close communication with you we will select and provide the best set of  ...   (FBDD) solution for hit identification and structural validation.. This compound- and fragment-screening service makes use of our unique screening technology, INTRACT.. The idea-to-candidate program (i2c) provides comprehensive services covering the entire process, from early concept to a preclinical development candidate.. More information regarding the i2c technologies can be found.. here.. CRELUX does not lay claim to any intellectual property on fragments or structures.. For detailed information on our drug discovery.. platform contact.. 14.. RORgamma.. 11,8x..

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  • Title: Company - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: CRELUX is a premium, globally active drug discovery service provider, supplying fragment screening, X-ray crystallography, biophysical protein analysis and ultra-high quality proteins.. We are a highly customer-oriented company with a track record spanning a decade in customized drug discovery solutions.. Our goal is to create value for our customers by providing a flexible, expert work force.. Professional handling of your confidential data is a matter of course for us.. CRELUX is privately owned by its founders, Dr.. Ismail Moarefi, Dr.. Martin Ried and Dr.. Michael Schaeffer.. They are also the executive directors and have been working together since 1999.. CRELUX is committed to sustainable development and growth, with all profit being re-invested into the business.. The fact that we do not need to rely on external financial sources is just one testimony to our excellent project success rates.. The founders and owners of CRELUX launched commercial X-ray crystallography in early  ...   working for most of the world’s top 15 pharma companies and for many leading biotech corporations.. Moreover, we have an increasing number of customers from small to mid-size biotech and pharma companies as well as from research institutes, where we are a preferred provider of high-quality protein services.. Our team of 25+ employees works in a fully equipped state-of-the-art lab space located on the Martinsried high-tech campus, near Munich, Germany.. This is one of the world’s largest biotech centers, and includes labs and teaching facilities of two world-class universities as well as several renowned research institutions and many biotech companies.. CRELUX has established a strong network of drug discovery experts in industry and research organizations.. We perform all process steps – from construct design to early development candidate – in-house, and we can handle up to 30 projects in parallel.. For more information about CRELUX ask.. +49 89 700760170.. bd@crelux..

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  • Title: Business Model - Company - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: CRELUX is an experienced, professional, customer-oriented service provider.. We do not lay claim to any intellectual property on fragments or structures.. We guarantee professional handling of your confidential data and maximum protection of your intellectual property.. Our philosophy is to provide comprehensive and transparent project management.. Customers receive immediate status reports, and all data are instantly transferred to the customer.. Face-to-face meetings and  ...   provides its services under tightly controlled project plans on a fee-for-service basis.. Our payment schedules are generally project-based and milestone-controlled.. Alternatively, FTE-based scenarios and preferred provider agreements, which include significant discounts, are available.. CRELUX´s aim is to provide you with exactly what you need – at the right time and the right price.. For details on our business model and agreement options contact..

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  • Title: Leadership - Company - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: CRELUX is led by three experienced entrepreneurs with a strong background and expertise in protein chemistry, X-ray crystallography and bio business.. The founders and executive directors of CRELUX are serial biotech entrepreneurs from the Munich biotech arena and have been working together as a team since 1999.. Executive Director Science and Technology.. Tel: +49 (0) 89 700760 110.. e-mail:.. moarefi@crelux.. Martin Ried.. Executive Director Finance and Legal.. Tel: +49 (0) 700760 200.. ried@crelux.. Executive Director Business and Strategy.. Tel: +49 (0) 89 700760 170.. schaeffer@crelux..

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  • Title: Working With Us - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: Do you seek efficient drug discovery solutions, including professional and competent crystallography services?.. Do you need innovative and time-saving biophysical analytics or fragment screening of your target of interest?.. Or are you looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality customized proteins?.. Then contact us and take advantage of our world-class drug discovery and protein experience and start your project with us – it is straightforward and easy!.. 1.. Sign a confidential  ...   comprehensive project proposal within five working days, including work steps, timelines, milestones and payment schedule.. 3.. Profit from tailor made agreements and zero operational overload on our side.. 4.. Get regular project updates from us - you decide on the channels and frequency of communication.. 5.. Benefit from low fixed costs and predominantly success-based payment schedules.. 6.. Receive detailed written reports upon project execution.. For questions about CRELUX and your project contact..

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  • Title: References - Working With Us - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: "CRELUX’s crystallographic results have provided new insights into TargeGen’s targeted therapy programs in cancer and ocular disease, thus accelerating our efforts to bring novel therapies to the clinic.. Through crystallography, CRELUX has sharpened our understanding of the binding modes of our kinase inhibitors and has broadly impacted our small molecule inhibitor designs.. ".. Richard M.. Soll, Chief Scientific Officer, Targegen Inc.. "CRELUX's professionalism, open communication and sustained effort to get results made our collaboration both productive and enjoyable.. CRELUX scientists have successfully generated a number of high quality crystal structures for us, including some very challenging de novo structures.. Knowing the precise binding mode of our inhibitors to their protein targets helped us understand their mode of action and greatly facilitated the project.. Marina Gelman, Director, Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc.. "We have been very pleased with CRELUX’s crystallographic capabilities and delivery of results.. Particularly impressive was CRELUX’s understanding of what we wanted to achieve and input to troubleshooting, resulting in timely structures with  ...   with the important crystalline water molecules clearly visible.. John Minogue, Senior Director, Product Development, Nexgenix Pharmaceuticals.. "We turned to CRELUX for a very challenging protein expression and purification project with extremely tight timelines.. The company reliably delivered the protein in record time, and both the quality and purity of the product exceeded our expectations.. Highly professional communication made working with the company a real pleasure.. Given the positive experience, CRELUX will be our logical choice for future outsourcing projects.. Prof.. Thomas E.. Willnow, MDC Berlin.. "CRELUX has been able to express and purify sophisticated target proteins in a highly efficient and professional manner, meeting all milestones well within time.. This step is instrumental to designing our next-generation cancer drugs.. Johannes F.. Coy, Chief Scientific Officer, Tavargenix GmbH.. "Great work, excellent communication, impressive knowledge! Working with CRELUX was a real pleasure, but more important, a great success.. Our choice for future projects is clear – CRELUX.. Darko Skegro, PhD, Antibody Engineering, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals SA..

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  • Title: Network Partners - Working With Us - CRELUX
    Descriptive info: CRELUX has established a strong network of top-ranked collaborators:.. 4SC Discovery.. Munich, Germany.. i2c integrated drug discovery services.. Carna Biosciences.. Kobe, Japan.. Exclusive distributor for our services in Japan.. Nanotemper Technologies.. Biophysical assay technology (MST).. Complex INC.. EU Consortium.. Next-generation protein production tools.. Bicoll.. Munich, Germany and Shanghai, China.. Unique compounds and fragments of natural origin.. Zobio.. Leiden, The Netherlands.. Target immobilized NMR (TINS).. Helmholtz Zentrum München, Institute of Structural Biology, Prof.. Sattler.. NMR screening.. Biomol GmbH.. Hamburg, Germany.. Tool proteins.. ESRF.. Grenoble, France.. Synchrotron data collection.. Diamond.. Oxford, U.. K..

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