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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Startseite
    Descriptive info: .. English.. C G Logistics ist ein auf anspruchsvolle und qualitativ hochwertige Transport- und Logistikdienstleistungen spezialisiertes Unternehmen.. Wir arbeiten täglich für die maximale Qualität.. Unsere Dienstleistungen sind maßgeschneidert für unsere Kunden, die unser Equipment für ihre kontinentalen Supply-Chains einsetzen.. Zuverlässigkeit, Flexibilität und Sicherheit sind die Eckpunkte unserer Unternehmung und sind die Basis für eine vielversprechende und spannende Zukunft für uns und unsere Kunden.. 1993-2013 C G Logistics GmbH.. Alle Rechte vorbehalten..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Home
    Descriptive info: Deutsch.. C G Logistics is an enterprise specialized in sophisticated and high-quality transportation and logistics services.. Every day we work to be able to offer the highest quality.. Our services are custom-made for our customers who use our equipment for their continental, european supply chains.. The corner stones of our business are reliability, flexibility and safety and provide the base for a promising and exciting future for us and our customers.. All rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Products - Supply Chain Execution
    Descriptive info: Supply Chain Execution.. Operation Of Networks.. Warehousing.. As a transport company we are located at the hubs of the European road transports.. Over the years we have specialized in time-critical Supply-Chain Execution.. For international operating customers our trucks are operated in a relay for a minimum of journey time and a maximum of security  ...   been main lags from the central warehouse or production site to the distributor center and this is still a substantial part of our business today.. Our customers rely on our experience and our know-how in connection with the scrupulously planned loading- and unloading schedules.. Our service made in germany is the backbone of our operation..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Equipment - Sprinter
    Descriptive info: Sprinter.. 7.. 5 to Truck.. 12 to Road train.. 22 to Road train.. 40 to Road train.. Type: Sprinter.. Capacity.. 15.. 5 m.. 3.. Maximum payload.. 1,340 kg.. Total weight.. 3,500 kg.. Floor space.. 4.. 70 m x 1.. 65 m x 1.. 86 m.. Capacity:.. DPAG Container.. 8 BehW or 3 RBeh.. Europalettes.. 5.. Pallett Cages.. Specifics:.. Europe-wide passenger car speed limit.. No night driving prohibition.. No bank holiday and weekend driving prohibition.. Unlimited Alps-Transit.. Approved for transport under customs seal..

    Original link path: /index.php?page=equipment&spage=sprinter
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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Quality - Iso 9001
    Descriptive info: Iso 9001.. Truck Policy.. Employees.. Our company is certified by the ISO 9001:2008 standards.. The key to our high quality is a politic of open communication and diligent view on incidents.. We motivate everyone who is involved in the transportation company to be pro-active and to find a quick and sometimes unconventional way of solving problems in the case of any difficulties.. Our internal  ...   receive trainings in the areas of work safety, cargo securing and safe driving by the experts of the SVG Siqum.. Time-critical logistics only works if the communication and the flow of information works at any time and if all those involved are prepared for transparency.. We revise and constantly optimize our internal processes to be able to offer clear structures and transparency to our customers..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Career
    Descriptive info: Chances to start a career.. Are there still a lot of things that you would like to achieve? Then we are the perfect match.. No matter whether you have a vast professional experience or make your first steps into the professional world: The chances to start a career are as manifold as the people at C G.. Education.. If you expect variation, professional experience, a top qualification, fun, most up-to-date technologies and more from your commercial training, you should come to C G.. We are permanently looking for qualified juniors  ...   the following postal address.. Driver.. Many think that one has to be a born to be a driver.. And are not quite wrong with that.. Nowadays, professional drivers are -among many other things- decision makers with a lot of responsibility in a logistics environment.. They operate in a complex logistics world with timeframes and workflows, information and communication.. If you want to take on a responsible task within the Supply-Chains of our customers, please send your application documents to:.. C G Logistics GmbH.. Recruiting.. Rotterdamer Straße 5.. 90451 Nürnberg Hafen.. Germany..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Media - Truck Gallery
    Descriptive info: Truck Gallery.. Press Release..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Contact - Headquarter
    Descriptive info: Headquarter.. Operations NUE.. Operations LUX.. Areas Of Operation:.. Accounting:.. buchhaltung@c-g.. de.. Palettes:.. paletten@c-g.. Vehicle Fleet:.. fuhrpark@c-g.. Sales:.. sales@c-g.. eu.. Managing Directors:.. Rainer Gößwein:.. rainer.. goesswein@c-g.. Terms And Conditions Within.. Deutschland: HGB:.. Click here.. Europa: CMR:.. C G is a registered trademark of the C G Logistics GmbH and is protected by copyright.. VAT No.. :.. DE 239884221.. Tax Number:.. 241/123/31227.. HRB:.. Nürnberg 21591.. DUNS:.. 33-381-9063..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Imprint
    Descriptive info: The internet pages of C G Logistics GmbH offer you a variety of information which is updated on a regular basis.. You can save our information and create links to our pages.. While creating links from commercial suppliers, our pages must be the sole component of the navigator window.. The information may not be changed or manipulated.. C&G Logistics GmbH.. D-Germany.. U-Steuer-ID: DE 239884221.. Steuernummer: 241/123/31227.. HRB: Nürnberg 21591.. DUNS: 33-381-9063.. phone:.. +49 911 933 0700.. fax:.. +49 911 933 0710.. e-mail:.. info@c-g.. Managing directors und responsible persons:.. Licensing authority.. according to act (EWG) Nr.. 881/92 of the council from march 26th 1992:.. Stadt Nürnberg.. Ordnungsamt.. Innerer Laufer Platz 3.. 90403 Nürnberg.. Germany.. C&G is a registered trademark of C&G Logistics GmbH in Germany and other countries.. Content of the own pages.. The liability for the topicality, completeness  ...   published links have been investigated and arranged with the greatest possible care.. The editorial staff does not have any influence on the current and future design and contents of the interlinked pages.. The editorial staff is not responsible for the contents of the linked pages and does not internalize the content.. Only the supplier of the web site which was referred to is liable for illegal, faulty or incomplete contents as well as for damages which result from the use or non-use of the information.. The liability of the person who merely points to the publication by a link is excluded.. The editorial staff is only responsible for external references if they are positively aware of the existence i.. e.. its possible illegal or punishable content and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Produkte - Volumen-transporte
    Descriptive info: Volumen-transporte.. Betrieb von Netzwerken.. Lagerhaltung & Kommissionierung.. Entsorgungs-logistik.. Volumentransporte.. Als Transport- und Logistikunternehmen sind wir mit Stationen an den Drehscheiben europäischer Straßentransporte angesiedelt.. Über die Jahre haben wir uns auf zeitkritische Supplychain-Transporte spezialisiert.. In unseren Transport-Korridoren fahren unsere Fahrzeuge im Staffellauf nonstop für maximale Qualität in den Laufzeiten  ...   oder Fertigungsstandort zum Verteilerzentrum waren 1994 der Grundstein unseres Unternehmens und sind noch heute ein wesentlicher Teil unserer Unternehmung.. Unsere Kunden verlassen sich bei den minutiös geplanten Lade- und Entladezeiten auf unsere Erfahrung und unser Know-how.. Dabei gibt uns die Qualität unserer Dienstleistung made in germany unsere Existenzberechtigung..

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  • Title: Transport | Spedition | C&G Logistics - Produkte - Betrieb von Netzwerken
    Descriptive info: Wir betreiben geschlossene Kurier- und Logistiknetze sowohl regional als auch europaweit.. In unserem Sprinter-Netzwerk sorgen wir für den Austausch der europäischen Luftpost zwischen fast allen europäischen Postgesellschaften.. Für Kurier- und Paketdienste transportieren wir Sendungen zwischen zentralem Depot und Auslieferstationen oder direkt zwischen den Stationen.. Großkunden und Behörden bieten wir den innerbetrieblichen Transport sensibler Akten, Belege und Dokumente in Netzwerken mit hoher Sicherheit an.. Diese Netzwerke sind in Hinsicht auf Personal, Equipment und Abläufe auf den Kunden zugeschnitten und müssen nicht einem vermeintlichen Branchenstandard folgen..

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  • Archived pages: 41