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  • Title: Welcome to BioSpring
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to BioSpring!.. Please choose your language.. :..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Welcome to BioSpring
    Descriptive info: BioSpring is a chemical company which produces synthetic oligonucleotides in any quantity for all applications:.. Therapy.. Diagnostics.. Molecular biology.. Research and development.. We offer our customers the entire range of modified and unmodified oligonucleotides, including RNA chimeras and/or very long DNA/ RNA molecules.. You, the customer, set the limits of the nucleic acid synthesis.. _________________________.. more.. Bachem and BioSpring agree to collaborate on oligonucleotide-peptide conjugates for R D.. ________________________.. (.. pdf / 25 KB).. Sanofi and BioSpring cooperate on the field of therapeutic oligonucleotide manufacturing.. pdf / 4.. 3 MB).. Oligonucleotides.. GMP Manufacturing.. Analytics.. Custom Synthesis.. Order online.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Willkommen bei BioSpring
    Descriptive info: Als Unternehmen der chemischen Industrie produziert BioSpring synthetische Oligonukleotide in allen Maßstäben und für jede Anwendung:.. Therapie.. Diagnostik.. Molekularbiologie.. Forschung und Entwicklung.. Dazu stellen wir unseren Kunden das gesamte Spektrum modifizierter und unmodifizierter Oligonukleotide, wie zum Beispiel RNA-Chimäre oder sehr lange DNA/ RNA-Moleküle zur Verfügung.. Die Grenzen der Nukleinsäuresynthese setzen Sie als Kunde.. weiter.. Bachem und BioSpring vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit bei Oligonukleotid-Peptid-Konjugaten für Forschung und Entwicklung.. pdf / 29 KB).. Sanofi und BioSpring kooperieren auf dem Gebiet der Herstellung therapeutischer Oligonukleotide.. pdf / 4,3 MB).. (in English).. Oligonukleotide.. GMP Herstellung.. Analytik.. Auftragssynthese.. Online bestellen..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Custom oligonucleotides
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. Home.. | English.. custom oligonucleotides.. BioSpring - The Oligo Company.. Since 1997 our company has been synthesising nucleic acid products to meet the needs of a steadily changing market.. Flexible products require variable solutions without ever compromising on quality.. We have always managed to find acceptable solutions for our customers, regardless how complex  ...   open source system designed for you, we maintain the highest degree of quality for each and every product.. And, finally, our analyses give you the security that you have received what you ordered – guaranteed.. BioSpring Oligonucleotides.. The Oligo Company.. Expertise.. Flexibility.. Synthesis.. Components of synthesis.. Separation.. Purification.. Finishing treatment.. Standard analysis.. Additional analyses.. Complex oligonucleotides.. Superstructures..

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  • Title: BioSpring | GMP Manufacturing
    Descriptive info: | English.. BioSpring is the only GMP-certified company in Europe which produces oligonucleotides for therapeutic applications in nearly every synthetic scale in accordance with ICH Q7a guidelines.. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).. The certified analyses of our oligonucleotides is carried out nearly completely by BioSpring quality control, which makes it possible to both produce effectively  ...   safety.. Analysis and quality assurance.. Quality problems from the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in preclinical and clinical studies are guaranteed to be a thing of the past because of our close collaboration with our customers and due to BioSpring GMP.. BioSpring GMP-Manufacturing.. BioSpring GMP Service.. GMP certificate.. Clean room (movie).. GMP manufacturing.. Good Manufacturing Practice..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Analytics | Information
    Descriptive info: Analysis and Quality Assurance.. BioSpring is obligated to meet the highest quality standards.. It stands to reason, then, that SOP (standard operation processes) are applied to all analyses.. When necessary, these are naturally validated specifically for the product.. This, as well as internal and external audits, ensures that our high quality standards are maintained.. BioSpring has a comprehensive infrastructure for conducting product analysis, and we are steadily trying to expand it.. For this reason, we are able to offer a nearly complete spectrum of analyses for characterising oligonucleotides in  ...   LC-MS.. MALDI-TOF-MS.. Sequencing.. UV-VIS spectrophotometry.. Tm value.. Endotoxin content.. pH value.. Conductivity.. Salt content.. Counterions.. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).. Heavy metal content.. Water content.. Solvent residue.. Bases.. Organic components.. Duplex mass range.. In addition, we also offer stress tests and stability tests in accordance with ICH guidelines.. Certain analyses, such as the measurement of heavy metal content, are done in collaboration with qualified partners whom we audit and qualify.. Feel free to contact us – we are glad to offer our advice (.. ).. BioSpring Analytics.. MALDI-TOF MS.. RNA sequencing..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Custom synthesis | Order oligonucleotides
    Descriptive info: Custom synthesis.. Order oligonucleotides.. Dear Customer,.. we manufacture oligonucleotides in any scale in the gram and multi kilogram scale.. For orders greater 15 µmol please contact us at.. Orders or inquiries via email:.. Order online:.. Order oligonucleotides online.. Guide: order online.. Order forms for ordering by Fax:.. for oligos up  ...   sheet for ordering by email (oligo@biospring.. de):.. Excel sheet.. ().. Please contact us for questions concerning your order:.. Tel.. : +49 (0) 69 42603717.. Fax: +49 (0) 69 42603718.. BioSpring Custom synthesis.. Online order.. Guide: online order.. Guide: chimeric oligonucleotides.. FAQ.. Oligonucleotides: handling tips.. Purification methods.. Purification of oligonucleotides.. By-products..

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  • Title: BioSpring | OligoOrder
    Descriptive info: This page uses frames.. Frames are not supported by your browser..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Homepage.. Welcome to BioSpring.. BioSpring | The Oligo Company.. Expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis.. Flexibility by open source oligonucleotide production system.. Synthesis of oligonucleotides.. Standard analyses of oligonucleotides.. Additional analyses of oligonucleotides.. Superstructures: Biological significance and structure.. siRNA, RNAi.. Interfering RNA.. Hybridisation of siRNA molecules.. Quality and delivery time.. Phosphonoacetates.. Antisense molecules.. RNase H activity.. Transport into the cells.. Advantages of phosphonoacetates.. Scales and Modifications.. Unmodified oligonucleotides.. Phosphorothioates.. RNA.. Modified RNA.. Methylphosphonates.. Phosphonoacetate oligonucleotides (PACE).. RNAi, siRNA miRNA.. 5' modifications.. 3' modifications.. Internal modifications.. Dual labeled probes.. Additional services.. Delivery.. Qualification and validation.. BioSpring GMP Manufacturing movie.. Oligonucleotides for diagnostic applications.. Certificate ISO 13485.. Large scale oligonucleotide synthesis.. MALDI-TOF Mass spectometry of oligonucleotides.. Mass spectrum analysis of a short oligonucleotide (7mer).. Mass spectrum analysis of an RNA oligonucleotide (20mer) before HPLC purification.. Mass spectrum analysis of an RNA oligonucleotide (20mer) after ion exchange HPLC purification.. Mass spectrum analysis of a DNA oligonucleotide (23mer).. Mass spectrum analysis of a long DNA oligonucleotide (98mer) after LSPS 100 purification.. Custom oligonucleotide synthesis.. Help for  ...   120mer of the greatest possible purity and only need a little amount of this oligonucleotide; why do I have to order 1 µmol when 0.. 05 µmol would be enough?.. Does an oligonucleotide automatically have a phosphate group at the 5´ end?.. Does an oligonucleotide automatically have a phosphate group at the 3´ end?.. If I order an Economy Oligonucleotide, should I expect the quality to be worse than that of an Express Oligonucleotide?.. What is longest oligonucleotide you can synthesise?.. What does the thiol function of the thiol-modified oligonucleotide I order look like?.. Can oligonucleotides be sequenced?.. When I sequence the PCR product I have cloned, I am missing bases in the oligonucleotide area.. Why is that?.. How does BioSpring quantitate?.. What degree of quality do I need for my applications and which counter ion corresponds to my oligonucleotides?.. What is the best way to store my oligonucleotides and how long will they last?.. News.. News site.. Jobs.. Jobs at BioSpring.. Contact.. Driving directions.. Feedback.. Links.. External links.. BioSpring Sitemap..

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  • Title: BioSpring | Oligonukleotide | Allgemeines
    Descriptive info: Sie befinden sich hier:.. | deutsch.. Unser Unternehmen synthetisiert seit 1997 Nukleinsäure-Produkte für einen sich ständig ändernden Markt.. Flexible Produkte machen variable Lösungsstrategien notwendig, die Kompromisse hinsichtlich der Qualität niemals zulassen dürfen.. Es gelingt uns dabei immer, den Wünschen unserer Kunden Rechnung zu tragen, ganz gleich wie  ...   ist.. Durch dieses für Sie gestaltete Open-Source-System erzielen wir maximale Qualität für jedes Ihrer Produkte.. Und unsere Analytik gibt Ihnen schließlich die Sicherheit, dass Sie auch das erhalten was Sie bestellt haben - garantiert.. BioSpring Oligonukleotide.. Flexibilität.. Synthese.. Synthesebausteine.. Abspaltung.. Reinigung.. Nachbehandlung.. Standardanalytik.. Erweiterte Analytik.. Komplexe Oligonukleotide.. Überstrukturen..

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  • Title: BioSpring | GMP Oligonukleotide
    Descriptive info: BioSpring ist das einzige GMP zertifizierte Unternehmen in Europa, das Oligonukleotide für therapeutische Anwendungen in nahezu jedem Synthesemaßstab unter Einhaltung der ICH Q7a Richtlinien in direktem up-scaling produziert.. Die zertifizierten Analysen unserer Oligonukleotide werden nahezu vollständig durch die BioSpring Qualitätskontrolle durchgeführt, das ermöglicht nicht nur eine schnellstmögliche und effektive Produktion, sondern gewährleistet ein Maximum an Produktsicherheit.. Analyse und Qualitätssicherung.. Qualitätsprobleme von Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) im Rahmen Ihrer präklinischen oder klinischen Studien gehören durch die enge Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Kunden und BioSpring-GMP der Vergangenheit an, garantiert.. BioSpring GMP-Manufacturing - Reinraum.. GMP Zertifikat.. Reinraum (Film).. Qualifizierung und Validierung..

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