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  • Title: 908
    Descriptive info: .. Please enable javascript to view this site.. Top.. Work.. Video.. Audio.. Lab.. About.. Contact.. Navigation.. Hide Navigation.. Motion Design Multimedia Production Studio.. All.. 2D.. 3D.. Character.. Grading.. Making Of.. Motion Design.. Music Video.. TVC.. Mobile.. de.. 77512556.. 1205.. #f6972c.. Project.. Agency.. VCCP.. New Found Land – The Hunter.. 70472712.. 36.. #63227e.. The Hunter.. Artist.. New Found Land.. Making Of O2-Telefonica Kick-Off.. 65720332.. 503.. #e90079.. Making Of.. Spiky.. Phocus Brand Contact.. Strato Recruiting.. 75394140.. 670.. #e7051f.. Making Of WWF Überfischung.. 837.. #00642d.. Pitch.. WWF Überfischung.. BFFF.. 70471492.. 39.. #008ecf.. Client.. Made.. 23202501.. 288.. TBWA Berlin.. Making Of: Migros Animanca.. 49260935.. 799.. Migros Animanca.. Aimaq von Lobenstein.. New Found Land Mirror.. 55606429.. 84.. Mirror..  ...   q-bus Mediatektur.. Migros Animanca.. 41424521.. 284.. Ergo Product Series.. 66226533.. 286.. Ergo.. Sociomantic.. 38167574.. 292.. #2d317f.. STAHL.. 294.. Stahl.. Scholz & Friends.. Euronics.. 64542014.. 82.. Jung von Matt - Spree.. Inspector Tripton.. 43602116.. 296.. Sprylab Technologies.. ZDB.. 30132046.. 447.. Bauberufe.. Vandenberg Weghorn.. MAGAZINE ONE.. 21128173.. 866.. Magazine One.. Webvideo.. Colorist Showreel 2011 Christian Kroehl.. 39531145.. 1044.. Colorist Showreel 2011.. Ferrero Kappa.. 21127184.. 765.. M&C SAATCHI Berlin.. Vattenfall Cyclassics.. 30110813.. 456.. DDB Tribal Berlin GmbH.. FIRMA.. 12483636.. 894.. FIRMA - FLIGHT.. 908 Logofilm.. 12557006.. 800.. PROMARKT.. 21130784.. 909.. PROMARKT TVC.. Lawinenstift.. Anna Sui.. 12485831.. 884.. Procter & Gamble.. e’topia.. 908video gmbh.. Köpenicker Strasse 187/188 // 10997 Berlin-Germany // tel: +49 (0)30 74078193 //.. mail@908video..

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  • Title: Video | 908
    Descriptive info: Perfect Pixels Matter.. Our Services.. Creating moving images is more diverse than ever and the possibilities are as endless as they are complex.. We make complex seem easy! We offer a wide range of services to match every aspect of your project.. Visual Concept Design.. Our creatives are developing new ideas and know how to add a spark to your existing concepts.. In a deadline driven environment we are able to consult and execute your project in the most efficient way.. 2D 3D Animation.. Depending on the stylistic demands of your project, the choice whether to produce it in 2D or 3D can be crucial.. From motion graphics to character animation, from abstract explanatory to story-based, we deliver the perfect match.. Directors.. Good storytelling makes or breaks an idea.. Whether abstract or narrative, our directors create the best perspective to move your ideas into the spotlight.. Motion Design.. Our expertise includes logo animations, abstract atmospherics and generative visuals.. Our tools range  ...   to night these days visual effects have replaced special effects in many cases and we offer the full range for your project, on-set and in post-production.. Compositing.. A seamless composit is crucial to create the illusion of a coherent visual experience.. The best visual effects are those you don t even notice.. Editing.. Editing pulls it all together.. A successful project is more than the sum of its parts, and our editors know how to translate a simple cut into emotion and turn a collection of clips into a stringent story.. Grading.. With our DaVinci Resolve System we ensure consistent quality and cohesion of the look of a campaign, film or commercial.. Available for in-house or on set grading, for finishing and DCPs.. Film Production.. Whatever problem you might have, at any given time of your project, our full-service production team will organize it from scratch from developing your ideas, budgeting alternatives, to execution and final delivery.. We like to help!..

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  • Title: Audio | 908
    Descriptive info: Perfect Sound Matters.. Audio Services.. 908audio is a sound studio, specialized in inventing audio worlds for brands at all touchpoints like motion and interactive content, showrooms and events.. Working with an inspiring network of different sound designers, musicians and songwriters 908audio provides a wide range of musical styles to international brands like Deutsche Telekom, Bertelsmann, ERGO, Nike, Adidas, Audi, Mercedes Benz Group and Coca-Cola.. Music Composition.. We love creating music and new sound mixtures every day.. Whatever occasion – our goal is to emphasize the right feelings to your brand through custom-made music and score.. Sound Design.. We experiment with everything that can be used to create sounds, whether analog or digital.. We find the right acoustic analogy for abstract pictures and forms and bring them to life.. Songwriting.. We write songs for every musical genre to deliver clear messages with melody  ...   With our audio concepts we orchestrate your overall brand experience in an individual musical frame.. Voice Recording.. We provide you with a wide range of speakers from all over the world.. We are in contact to the best speaker agencies.. We take care of casting, recording and final mixdown, to ensure you get the perfect voice for your story.. 153.. Schokolade TV.. Hans Grohe.. 50778971.. 1018.. bilekjaeger.. Hugo Boss.. 74626176.. 1013.. 575.. 908 Imagefilm.. 12485262.. 573.. Production.. 908video.. Telekom InnoHighlight.. 571.. 569.. 43554435.. 567.. 565.. 563.. Promarkt.. 561.. ProMarkt.. DKMS.. 21131663.. 559.. Select.. NY.. 557.. ADC Award Show Trailer.. 42686234.. 555.. ADC Award.. ADC.. GETRAG Antriebstechnik.. 31364300.. 553.. AWO freiwillich Tv-Spot.. 27246023.. 551.. AWO "freiwillich".. V8Films.. Autotrophy 2010.. 20245692.. 549.. flora&faunavisions GmbH.. Osborne Kurzfilmfestival Trailer.. 28710612.. 546.. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Michael Schumacher.. 52466614.. 1034.. Audemars Piguet.. flora & faunavisions GmbH..

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  • Title: Lab | 908
    Descriptive info: It s Rocketscience.. Services.. Blog.. Projects.. Lab Services.. 908lab is our research department.. Our aim is to combine technology with design.. Here we try out new ideas, experiment with old ones and develop our own in-house tools.. We come up with fresh ways to use our existing hardware and software, or simply develop our own solutions when we need to.. Most of our development goes into our pipeline tools, but we are also experimenting with new applications for motion capture devices and augmented reality software.. Some of these experiments will make it into production, some may only be specific to a single project sometimes we ll blow up the lab just because we can.. Development.. Off-the-shelf applications can only do so much.. And it s never enough! Which is why we develop scripts, plugins and applications when the need arises.. Python.. C++.. Java.. C#.. Creative Coding in Processing.. Games in Unity.. Plugins for Cinema 4D.. You name it.. Pipeline and R D.. An effective production rises and falls with its pipeline.. Be it small tools or big workflow tools, render management or image processing, implementing GPU-based render engines or developing shaders.. Evaluating new technologies and incorporating it into our pipeline is what we do here.. Technical Direction.. Visual Effects tools have become extremely powerful, but are still far from one-click solutions.. Simulating natural (or imagined!) forces is as much art as science.. Detailed analysis of the real world is often followed by building custom software solutions to gain that one specific look.. 28.. October 2013.. OSX Mavericks can t connect to SMB shares fix.. Since we just ran into this issue here, there s a good chance others will too.. Basically what happened was that after the upgrade to OSX Mavericks, these machines were no longer able to connect to the SMB shares on our.. Read  ...   new courses.. as well that make it.. 15.. Plugins.. TPPartio.. TP Partio 0.. 16b2 is online.. As promised, the new version is now online at.. aescripts.. What s new in 0.. 16b2:.. Changed Priority to DYNAMICS to fix scaling during read.. Fixed Global Scale issue where particles moved in space whilst scaling.. For further details see my.. previous.. 13.. 16b2 coming soon.. There s to my shame a bug in 0.. 16b1 that will screw up the scaling when reading in particles.. It ll also screw up the Global Scale parameter.. Luckily I ve found the reason for both already and have compiled the.. 25.. September 2013.. HTML.. JavaScript.. JQuery.. Storing arbitraty data in a HTML document.. I had to store some server-side data in a way that would make it possible to read out on the client side, through JavaScript or similar.. The way I solved this is far from unique (or impressive), but it works.. 12.. 3ds Max.. Material remover script for 3ds Max.. I fail to understand why after so many versions of 3ds Max, some very basic enhancement have still not made it into the 2014 version of the program.. Like a simple function to remove materials from objects.. (or a proper.. 11.. 16b1 released.. This is the first beta release of TP Partio 0.. 16.. Changes:.. Under the hood:.. - compiled for Cinema 4D R15.. - updated code for R15 SDK.. General:.. - Input File sequences are recognized automatically now, based on their digits (particle001.. prt,.. Categories.. OSX.. (1).. (5).. Web Dev.. Cinema 4D.. Recent Posts.. OSX Mavericks can t connect to SMB shares fix.. 5: Hidden DOP POP nodes.. 000.. C4D208: Python Scripting in Cinema 4D course is being repeated.. 16b2 is online.. 16b2 coming soon.. Storing arbitraty data in a HTML document.. Material remover script for 3ds Max.. 16b1 released..

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  • Title: About | 908
    Descriptive info: About.. About Us.. 908 is an award-winning motion design and visual effects production with an in-house sound studio and team of 18 passionate professionals who love what they do.. As a design-driven agency known for its originality and sophistication, we produce top-notch visual and audio content for commercials, image/corporate and product films for broadcast, online, events and print.. Since 2004 908 works in 2D/3D animation and film production, providing international brands and agencies with a full range of services, which include concept and storytelling, design and look development, CGI, VFX and motion design plus music and sound design.. Our Studio.. Our Berlin based studio loft is a creative workspace – a place for dedication and inspiration.. The 908 atmosphere  ...   levels in the creative center of Berlin Kreuzberg.. Equipped with high-end workstations for 3D and 2D Animation, editing suites, Macs for Graphic and Design, a Grading Suite (DaVinci Resolve), our new 80 m2 sound studio plus speaker cabin and our huge roof terrace to hang out and grab some fresh air.. People.. Steffen.. Baumgart.. Founder + CEO.. Ron.. Geipel.. Christoph.. Hartmann.. Creative Director.. Stephan.. Olaf.. Nohr.. Director + Producer.. Michael.. Auerswald.. Visual Artist + Developer.. Christian.. Kröhl.. Colorist.. Hendrik.. Woitkowiak.. Art Director.. Thibaut.. d Alton.. Art Director + Animator.. Jan.. Weigel.. Sounddesigner + Composer.. Agata.. Malinowska.. Designer.. Guido.. Matschass.. Visual Artist.. Wachtberger.. Michi.. Puffing.. Richard.. Klemm.. Junior Producer + Editor.. Machel.. Kai.. von Glasow.. Sounddesigner.. Lucas.. Tietjen.. Amy.. Brutton..

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  • Title: Mobile.de | 908
    Descriptive info: Back to Portfolio.. Previous Post.. 908..

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  • Title: New Found Land – The Hunter | 908
    Descriptive info: Next Post.. by 908.. Music.. : New Found Land.. Directed.. : Stephan Christoph Hartmann.. Camera.. : Julia Weingarten..

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  • Title: Making Of O2-Telefonica Kick-Off | 908
    Descriptive info: For the 2013 edition of the 02 Telefonica Kick-Off Conferences, it was decided that the audience would be treated to a game, which would be played collectively, controlled by sound level, and would center around the homeward journey of our bubble-haired hero Spiky, over 4 levels, gathering treasures and avoiding obstacles.. Here you’ll discover our own journey to completion: the technical and creative hurdles and rewards, the 3d-trailer and the 2d-game and the millions and millions of pixels it took to bring Spikey’s world to life (along with a couple that didn’t make the cut)..

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  • Title: Strato Recruiting | 908
    Descriptive info: : 908audio.. : Thibaut d Alton Christoph Hartmann..

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  • Title: Making Of WWF Überfischung | 908
    Descriptive info: Sometimes business is pretty harsh! Quote: We really liked your stuff, but… And after that, all the work you ve done is gone and no one is ever going to see it again.. Happily for us, we have our scrapbook, where we show the things that never got alive.. Aimaq von Lobenstein asked us to develop a visual style for their WWF-spot, to gather voices against the overfishing of the oceans.. Therefore they wanted to create a city with flying cursors, all transforming into fish and building a swarm swimming towards the European parliament..

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  • Title: BFFF | 908
    Descriptive info: Production+CG+Grading.. Sounddesign.. 908audio..

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