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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Home
    Descriptive info: .. About us.. |.. Contact us.. Privacy policy.. Home.. Registration.. How it works.. Prizes.. FAQ.. News.. Login.. email:.. password:.. forgot your password?.. Do you like fishing?.. Yes.. 1.. No.. 3.. perhaps.. (5 participant(s) so far).. Please log in to participate.. >>.. How does it work?.. Explaining the processes within the panel.. What do I get?.. Some information about the incentive system.. Bonus points.. Rewards.. Prize draws.. What time does it take?.. Most surveys consist of 10 to 20 questions and should only take you about five to seven minutes to complete.. Globalpark 2007..

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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. About us
    Descriptive info: Globalpark's headquarters in Huerth near Cologne, Germany, now employs 80 staff.. In addition to IT specialists, the staff includes sociologists and psychologists with an empirical focus, economists and designers.. By offering apprenticeships for IT specialists and digital media designers, Globalpark promotes young staff..

    Original link path: /about_us.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Contact us
    Descriptive info: Do you have any questions?.. Email:.. *.. Name:.. Subject:.. Topic:.. Questions.. Technical problems.. Survey.. Content:.. Field name indicated with asterisk (.. ) are mandatory fields..

    Original link path: /contact.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Privacy policy
    Descriptive info: With us your data is in good and secure hands.. Your data will be handled strictly confidential and always evaluated anonymously.. When doing a survey for our customers they will only get the aggregated results of analysis, never your personal data.. You can decide to end your membership anytime.. All you have to do is fill in and send the online-form "end membership".. The data that is collected in the panel will only be used for scientifical und market research-oriented reasons.. You will not be asked to buy wares  ...   not be given to third parties.. The collecting, processing and using of the data is carried out by the strict specifications of the german data protection rights.. The collected data will only be proccessed and used as far as it is necessary for the field survey, allowed by law and desired by you.. Your acceptance is totally voluntary and can be revoked at any time.. If you wish more details or information we are at your disposal via the e-mail-address panel-team@demo.. de or the contact form at any time..

    Original link path: /privacy_policy.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Home
    Original link path: /home.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Registration
    Descriptive info: Become a member now:.. First name:.. Last name:.. Street:.. Zip:.. City:.. Country:.. Please select.. Germany.. United Kingdom.. USA.. Date of birth:.. - - -.. 2.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 1920.. 1921.. 1922.. 1923.. 1924.. 1925.. 1926.. 1927.. 1928.. 1929.. 1930.. 1931..  ...   1946.. 1947.. 1948.. 1949.. 1950.. 1951.. 1952.. 1953.. 1954.. 1955.. 1956.. 1957.. 1958.. 1959.. 1960.. 1961.. 1962.. 1963.. 1964.. 1965.. 1966.. 1967.. 1968.. 1969.. 1970.. 1971.. 1972.. 1973.. 1974.. 1975.. 1976.. 1977.. 1978.. 1979.. 1980.. 1981.. 1982.. 1983.. 1984.. 1985.. 1986.. 1987.. 1988.. 1989.. 1990.. 1991.. 1992.. 1993.. 1994.. Are you.. ?:.. male.. female.. Email (confirm):.. Password:.. Password (confirm):.. Yes, I accept the terms and conditions..

    Original link path: /registration.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. How it works
    Descriptive info: Explaining how it works..

    Original link path: /how_it_works.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Prizes
    Descriptive info: prizes.. vouchers.. prize draws..

    Original link path: /prizes.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. FAQ
    Descriptive info: Frequently asked questions.. What exactly is a panel?.. How can I participate?.. What happens when I don't participate?.. What happens to my data?.. How will I know about current surveys/projects?.. How can I redeem my bonus points?.. Answer 1.. top.. Answer 2.. Answer 3.. Answer 4.. Answer 5.. Answer 6..

    Original link path: /faq.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. News
    Descriptive info: All.. Headline.. Author.. Subtitle.. Showdate.. There are news for you ( per page shown)..

    Original link path: /news.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Title: .:EFS Panel:. Recover your password
    Descriptive info: Recover your password.. Password recovery.. Please enter the email you used during the registration and we will send your password to this email.. Email:..

    Original link path: /password_recover.php?SES=6b451431e8757f65218e1eeaded4e361&frmnd=home
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  • Archived pages: 108